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Engaged in Your Wellness...Helping You Enjoy Life!


To my valued patients,

Some with me for several years, others new in the journey - you motivate me  to strive for providing the best care I can give.

My heartfelt thanks to those providing feedback and to all my patients for their trust in me and commitment to their health.

Yours in Good Health,
        Dr Donna

"I am a believer! For years I suffered from painful migraines - the result of pinched nerves from having a military neck further complicated by scoliosis. After taking many different over the counter and prescription remedies for years, it was clear this was not a sustainable way to manage the problem. Dr. Hartman has provided a viable solution for me to live pain-free through regular chiropractic care. I can now manage my migraines without medications that have harmful side effects and my range of motion has improved tremendously as well. I am grateful to Dr. Hartman for her cutting edge knowledge and skilled treatment."    
Colleen C., Lincoln 

"My job entails a lot of travel, which has taken its toll on my lower back. Thanks to Dr Donna's understanding of my lifestyle and how my body responds, my symptoms are well-managed. She has proven to me that her regular adjustments are key to staying on top of my health and her nutritional advice and stretching exercises have become a way of life." Lewis B, Engineer

"Dr Donna Hartman has been my chiropractor for over 7 years. In that time she has helped me tremendously keeping my body pain-free and feeling great. Once I decided to start a family she helped me prepare my body. During my pregnancy her adjustments were so helpful. We worked on releasing all the tight, aching spots, reducing swelling and keeping energy high. I looked forward to my regular sessions as they gave me so much relief. Even as I recovered from giving birth her treatments remained an essential healing tool. I am very grateful for all of her help and skill. I would highly recommend her to anyone."
Yvette D., Licensed Acupuncturist

"In my prenatal yoga class, some of the women were experiencing severe discomfort from things like s.i. pain, carpal tunnel, and edema among others.  I remember thinking how fortunate I was to be feeling relatively well throughout my entire pregnancy.  And I'm certain that it had much to do with the fact that, when I became pregnant at the more "mature" age of 37, I had already been a patient of Dr. Donna's for 7 years and was well-entrenched in a maintenance program of health and wellness. I came to her initially because I suffered from back pain on a daily basis.  I was resigned to it just being a way of life for me but she convinced me differently with her excellent care and amazing ability to really listen to her patients. Now, as a new sleep- deprived Mom who hasn't yet found the time to get back to the gym, I continue to benefit from Dr. Donna's TLC.  And it's all in the family because my son is now a patient of hers too!"  Jill W., Preschool Teacher

"Resuming races and punishing trails seemed doubtful after no improvement  to hamstring and back issues, even after heeding the advice of my physician and running experts. Dr Donna's approach made the difference - a complete plan of chiropractic, massage therapy, ultrasound, conditioning and supplements. Just as important was her support, encouragement and strong commitment to helping me reach my goal. I was ecstatic to return to running faster and stronger than ever before and the bonus was losing 8 lbs and 1.5% body fat in the process!" Cindy B., Folsom